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Feeling overwhelmed as a nonprofit marketer?

Give me 15 minutes and I'll show you how to easily get $120k in free search advertising so your organization can make a huge impact online.

Claim your 15 minute workshop, get the exact steps to secure your grant and discover the proven system that has helped hundred of nonprofit marketers to finally make a huge impact online.

100% success rate among nonprofit marketers.

Stretch your limited budget to grow your organization.

Is your marketing budget limited at your organization? Do you wear so many hats that your a generalist across many channels?

The Google Ad Grant gives your organization $120k per year to use across search advertising. This boost in budget is exactly what you need to reach new users online.


Measure your marketing efforts online.

Are you struggling to measure the impact of your online marketing campaigns? Do you have no way of attributing organization revenue to your efforts?

With search marketing you can use Google Analytics 4 to attribute revenue directly back to the specific keyword. How good would this be to share with board members?

Stand out in a crowded marketplace online.

Are you feeling a small online versus the big nonprofits capturing all the online space with huge budgets? 

A big secret among these huge nonprofit organizations is that they ARE all using the Google Grant to grow online. The Google Grant will can also help your organization grow online.

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You know you need to reach more users online but you're not sure where to start?

With this advertising grant, your organisation can consistently reach new users online. More users to your website, means more people get behind your mission statement. Take advantage of this incredible offering to help your organisation.

Why Nonprofits LOVE This Free Workshop

“Since receiving the Ad Grant we increased our paid search traffic to our website 204%. I would advise other NFP to seriously consider this grant purely based on the benefits it will have on your organisation.”

Shayne, Marketing Manager, Australia

“After speaking with Nichole, she made the process easy and understandable and MOST importantly the financial results spoke for themselves. The result for the organisation as a not for profit was invaluable.”

Nicky, Head of Digital, Australia

“Nichole was quick to assess where our issues were and ensured we were compliant within a week. Even better, she set up procedures to ensure we wouldn’t become uncompliant again. Nichole’s program was easy to follow, and her training was friendly, professional, and most importantly – easy to understand.”

Meaghan, Marketing Manager , Australia

Have More Questions?

All registered not for profit organizations are eligible for the Google Search Grant. Schools, government-funded and hospitals are not eligible. See the specific requirements by country here.

Neither am I! You’re still a great fit, we’re going to be walking step-by-step through the tools so not to worry.

Watching the workshop videos and submitting your application should take 1-hour of your time. Approval can happen as quick as 24-hours from Google.

Absolutely, I have options available.  Book in a chat with me and we can discuss. 

Once you get your Google Search Grant approved you can sign up for my In-Demand Nonprofit Marketer course which will teach you the A-Z of managing your Google Grant in-house.

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