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So you can get the word out about your organisation and make a greater impact on more people.

    The Grant Your Organisation Has Been Looking For

    Google Grants for nonprofits is a program that allows not for profit organisations just like you up to $10k per month to spend on Google search advertising. Learn how to get your Google Search Grant and join the workshop today.

      You know you need to reach more users online but you're not sure where to start?

      With this advertising grant, your organisation can consistently reach new users online. More users to your website, means more people get behind your mission statement. Take advantage of this incredible offering to help your organisation.

      Ad Grant Workshop will give you the steps necessary to get your Google Search Grant.

      What You Get

      Video Instructions

      Ad Grant Workshop

      Bite-sized instruction videos so you’ll get all the necessary details to successfully apply for and activate your grant.

      Checklists & Guides

      Google adwords keyword tool

      Checklists and guides are included in this workshop. Easily download these so when your chatting with your team internally you’re prepared.

      Google Grant Success Stories

      "Since awakening our Ad Grant we increased our paid search traffic to our website 204% between 2019-2020, and we're utilising near 60% of our ad grant now. I would advise other NFP who are time-poor to seriously consider this accelerator program purely based on the benefits it will have on your organisation."

      Marketing Manager
      Shayne, New South Wales, AU

      "Before working with Nichole, our Google grant account seemed to evade many of my efforts to improve it. After speaking with Nichole, she made the process easy and understandable and MOST importantly the financial results spoke for themselves. The result for the organisation as a not for profit was invaluable."

      Head Of Digital
      Nicky, Queensland, AU

      "Nichole was quick to assess where our issues were and ensured we were compliant within a week. Even better, she set up procedures to ensure we wouldn’t become uncompliant again. Nichole’s program was easy to follow, and her training was friendly, professional, and most importantly - easy to understand."

      Marketing Manager
      Meaghan, New South Wales, AU

      "Nichole has phenomenal skills dealing with search advertising campaign strategy, time management and communication to ensure all activity runs as smoothly as possible. Nichole demonstrates a very strong work ethic and always collaborates brilliantly to achieve a organization's desired outcome."

      Head Of Search Engine Optimisation
      Amye, San Diego, USA

      Workshop Pricing

      Ad Grant Workshop

      Learn How To Get The Google Search Grant
      $ 0
      • Bite-Sized Instructional Videos
      • Checklists & Guides
      • BONUS: Ad Grant Compliance Checklist

        Frequently Asked Questions

        All registered not for profit organisations are eligible for the Google Search Grant.  See the specific requirements by country here.

        Neither am I! You’re still a great fit, we’re going to be walking step-by-step through the tools so not to worry.

        The full process could take anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. 

        Absolutely, I have options available.  Book in a chat with me and we can discuss. 

        Once you get your Google Search Grant approved you can sign up for my next Ad Grant Accelerator Course here which will teach you how to set up, manage and remain compliant with your grant.

        It's time to claim $120k in free search advertising spend for your organisation!

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