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google advertiser verification

Google Advertiser Verification

Have you seen the red notification pop up in your Grant account prompting advertiser verification? All organizations that are promoting educational resources, charitable or social causes will be required to verify. Find out what you can do to prepare today!

Google Grants For Nonprofits

Google grants for nonprofits is a program that allows not for profit organisations up to $10,000USD per month to spend on Google search advertising. Read more about google search grants here.

How To Find Your Google Adwords Budget​

Likely the most popular question I get from marketers and clients is – how much do google ads cost?  Necessary to understand and mentally be able to work through the costs when launching a new client or chatting through potential strategies. Read below how I am mentally walking through a new client, what things I consider for my strategy and how many benjamins the client will need for their desired outcomes.

How To Spy On Your Competition (For Free)

Check out my top 7 tools you can use to spy on your competition absolutely free! This video will give you my recommended methods for monitoring your competitors across Facebook advertising, Display and Google advertising.

Top 5 Google Grant Rules

So you’ve been approved for a Google Adwords Grant, that’s right you’ve unlocked $10,000 advertising dollars to use like monopoly money, and you’re ready to build your campaigns. Here are 5 Google Grant rules you’ll need to follow in order to continue using your free advertising spend. 1. You can only advertise on Google’s Search …

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What Is Google Grants?

With Google search ads you can utilise both keywords (not for profit, charity) and advertisements to drive potential searchers to your website. With Google search ads you could see upwards of 100 additional clicks per month.. perhaps JUST the reach you need to meet your goals for the quarter? What is Google Ad Grants? Google Ad …

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How Much is Google Adwords?

In this blog, we take a brief look at how much it is to advertise on Google. I’ll chat through: The average benchmarks by industry and cost per click to see what a suggested budget could be. Wordstream Article Here Second, we will look at conversion rates to see how many new customers you can …

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