A Look At The Digital Marketing Funnel

The Digital Marketing Funnel Explained

If you’ve heard the term sales funnel, marketing funnel or digital marketing funnel thrown around then you know where this blog is going. One of the most elementary concepts to understand across paid media and advertising, yet we see many marketers fall short. If you’re ready to understand, in detail, each stage of the digital marketing funnel read on.  

What Is Top Funnel Advertising?

Top of funnel advertising refers to any channel you use to drive potential customers to your website. These customers have not been to your site and likely do not know your brand. The goal of this funnel stage is to build awareness and move the user to interest. 

Recommended Channels: Whilst there are numerous channels you can use to drive potential users to site my favourites include;

  • Youtube
  • Generic Search 
  • Facebook Traffic

Recommended Formats:

  • Video Content (<30 seconds)
  • Responsive Search Ads (Google Search)
  • Carousel Ads + Video Content (Facebook)

Advertising should include:

  • Who your brand is (short and direct)
  • How you are going to solve the customer’s problems 

What Is Middle Funnel Advertising?

The middle funnel includes people that may know your brand but have not made the decision to go with your services. The goal of this funnel stage is to move the user from consideration to intent.

Recommended Targets: Again there are many target options here, however, when we’re talking paid ads you usually see the middle funnel being;

  • Youtube Channel Followers
  • Branded (+Generic) Search
  • Facebook & Instagram Page Likes

Advertising should include:

  • Why the user should choose you (value proposition)

What Is Bottom Funnel Advertising?

The bottom funnel includes users that have been to your website, and are well aware of your services however have not purchased. The goal of this funnel stage is to move the user from intent to purchase.

Recommended Audiences: There are many audience targeting options here, however, my favourites include;

  • Youtube 50% Video Viewers
  • Website Visitors (Last 24-Hours)
  • Visited 3+ Pages On Site

Advertising should include:

  • A reminder of what service or product(s) they visited on your website and a juicy offer to close the sale. 

In conclusion, it’s crucial to understand the sales funnel to fully understand where the target customer is in their path to purchase.  Once you have a clear understanding of this you can craft separate campaigns to speak directly to each funnel stage. 

Love what you’ve just read? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments. 

If you’re keen for my help understanding your current sales funnel, or not sure if your marketing funnel is quite right please click to drop me a line here.

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