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Running a successful Google Grant should not be stressful

Finding a trustworthy nonprofit search marketing agency is stressful,

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our free 30-minute Untapped Potential strategy call can help guide you to fix wasted spend, increase your performance and ultimately secure your job at your organization.

Our female-led team have helped 100’s of nonprofit marketers increase performance and hit their revenue goals. 

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Here's what you'll get out of the call:

Discover how our Untapped Growth Formula helps skyrocket your performance in just 3 months and how this 3-step proven strategy can work for your organization.

We’ll give you a 7-step Ads Audit which pinpoints actionable tweaks you can make in your account to make sure you’re reaching the right audience – without wasting your donor’s valuable money.

You will uncover a goldmine of new potential customers (and past donors) that are ready to donate to your organization. We’ve discovered this after spending over $1 million across nonprofit search accounts.

100% FREE chat with no obligation. Only 5 slots left.

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100% FREE chat with no obligation. Only 5 slots left.

See what our clients say about us

Nichole helped move us over to GA4. She completed the work in just a few days and kept us updated every step of the way. When she completed the work, she sent a detailed video walkthrough of everything she did and why she did it. She went above and beyond to make sure we are tracking everything on our website correctly and efficiently along with some recommendations for the future.
Director of Marketing
Nichole has a deep understanding of performance marketing and is incredible with both her colleagues and clients. Nichole has phenomenal skills dealing with campaign strategy. Nichole demonstrates a very strong work ethic and always collaborates brilliantly to achieve a businesses desired outcome.
Director Of SEO
Nichole oversaw the management of both our Google Ads and Google Grants accounts. Nichole is incredibly personable and possesses a deep understanding and technical skillset in the digital landscape, particularly when it comes to Google Ads and Google Grants. Nichole is a results-driven marketing gun with a large toolkit of clever strategies. Under her management, we increased our paid search traffic to our website from 8% between 2018-2019 to 204% between 2019-2020, and utilised 60% more of our Ad Grant budget. Nichole knows what she is doing!
Marketing Manager
I highly recommend Nichole. Nichole worked with our agency to support across our paid search activities and she took a data driven approach to campaigns and brought a strong skillset. She's added value by turning campaigns around and optimising towards strong returns. She is also experienced across reporting and analytics and was overall great to work with.
Digital Strategist

What you'll pay

Ad Grant Management

$ 130

per week
  • Account Strategy
  • Advertisement Recommendations
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Google Grant Management
  • Compliance Guarantee
  • Monthly Reporting

100% FREE chat with no obligation. Only 5 slots left.

See Why Our Clients Trust Us

Things Clients Ask Us

No problem you are in the right place, go ahead and book in an intro call with our team.

No problem, we can help you submit your application and activate your Google Grant.

No problem – we will create one for you. 

This will depend on your goals. We work with nonprofits who can commit to spending at least $2k per month. 

Absolutely, if you’d like to just purchase 30 minutes of my time feel free to do so here. 

If you can commit at least 2 hours per week on an ongoing basis then please sign up for our Ad Grant coaching program here. 

Payment will be invoiced and paid prior to the service starting. 

100% FREE chat with no obligation. Only 5 slots left.

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