google advertiser verification

Google Advertiser Verification

Many of us are starting to see the red notification pop up in our Grant accounts prompting ‘advertiser verification’. All organizations that are promoting educational resources, charitable or social causes will be required to verify.

If your heart just dropped because you’re so time-poor stay with me it’s a very simple process.

First let’s chat about what advertiser verification is and finish with how you can prepare.

What is advertiser verification? Let’s jump in.

Advertiser verification is a new initiative that Google has taken to increase transparency for users searching online. Now advertisers like you and I, are required to verify our identities, which Google will now disclose on all ads. This disclosure can be accessed by clicking the down arrow at the end of the first line of your advertisement (video below). 

How you can prepare for advertiser verification? As an organization you will need the following for verification:

  1. Your Google Ads customer ID number
  2. Advertiser Registration Number: ABN (AUS), Employer Identification Number (USA)
  3. Registration Document: This needs to show your registration number and can be:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • DUNS Certificate (AUS)
  • Any letter issues by the IRS that shows your organization details (USA)

*Quick application tip – make sure you enter your organization name under the ‘advertisers name’, do not enter an individuals name. 

Once you receive your account notification you can follow this link to complete verification. 

Once you’ve submitted you should hear back from Google in 7 days or less. If there are any issues with the documents you’ve submitted Google will email you directly letting you know what needs work.

Keep in mind once you’ve ben prompted you will only have 30 days to complete verification so I’d highly recommend taking 10 minutes now to prepare rather than risk your grant being suspended.

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