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Google Adwords Starter Kit

Wouldn’t it be nice if:

If that was you that shouted yes to one of the above questions, then this starter kit is for you!

Google Adwords Starter kit will save you both time and effort with all your important account builds and lists in one place.

Google Adwords Starter Kit

The Kit You've Been Waiting For

With Google Ads Starter Kit you will go from burning 5+ hours manually adding locations, negatives, keywords and advertisements to seamlessly importing in a few clicks with Google Adwords Editor. Time is too valuable to be wasting it on tiresome tasks. Give your Search routine a serious tune-up with this kit. 

So you're ready to jump into your next Google Adwords account build but you want to make sure you're not wasting time in the process?

You’ve downloaded tons of guides & watched countless training trying to navigate your Google Adwords upload process. You’ve also found that most materials fail to show hard-hitting processes. If you’re ready to learn from 7 years of experience and level up your upload process, you’re in the right place.

Google Adwords Kit is like no other time-saver you've experienced.

Google Adwords Starter Kit

What You Get

4 Build Documents (Advertisements, Keywords)

Google Adwords Kit

4 build documents including:

  • Expanded Text Advertisement
  • Responsive Search Advertisement
  • Keyword Research 
  • Visual Advertisement Layout

These excel build will give you the necessary documents to seamlessly import into Google Adwords Editor.

2 Universal Lists (Negatives, Locations)

Google Adwords Kit

2 universal lists including:

  • Negative Keyword List
  • State & Metro Post Codes

Easily download these lists so you can copy and paste them directly into your account.

Formula Cheat Sheet & Bonus Tips (Platforms & Management)

Google Adwords Starter Kit

Search formula cheat sheet to quickly find how to calculate things like click-through rate and conversion rate. Bonus tips to ongoing management and helpful platforms.

See What Others Think

"Nichole has helped us create several efficiencies in the business and our Google Ads workflows with her efficiency products."

Head Of Data
Justine, New South Wales AU

"Nichole has phenomenal skills dealing with search advertising campaign strategy, time management and efficiencies to ensure all activity runs as smoothly as possible."

Head Of SEO
Amye, San Diego USA

Here's What You'll Get

Take a look at the Google Adwords Kit outline to see what you’ll master with this program.

Starter Kit Pricing

Google Adwords Starter Kit

Save time in your upload process
$ 174
  • 2 Universal Lists (Negatives, Locations)
  • Search Formula Cheat Sheet
  • 4 Build Documents (Advertisements, Keywords)
  • Visual Advertisement Samples (For Clients)
  • BONUS: Ongoing Management Tips
  • BONUS: Useful Platforms To Use

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"I wish I knew about your kit before, because I wasted a lot of time uploading keywords manually."

Take it from a former student who was manually adding keywords and advertisements into his Google Adword account. Take back your time and ditch the tiresome upload processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Adwords Kit is located in the Teachable platform.  Once purchased you will create a login to access the program.  Teachable can be accesses on any device with  a network connection.

Neither am I! You’re still a great fit, you are more than capable of finding efficiencies in your Adwords routine.

Absolutely! You can access the coursework on Teachable from every country – you’ll just need an internet connection.

Absolutely, I’d love to chat about what I can do to help.  Book in a chat with me and we can discuss. 

Lifetime!! So when the industry updates so will the Kit. 

It's time to level-up your Adwords game and feel good about the efficiencies you are making.

Don't Miss Out Pre-Sales End In..



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