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IOS14 every marketers favourite new shiny buzz word but what is this all about? What changes do you actually need to make in your Facebook Business manager to prepare for the transition? I’m here to step you through the ios 14 updates across Facebook ads.

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Today’s video is all about the new IOS14 changes and what steps you need to take in your business manager, so let’s get started.

#1 Verify Domain


To verify your domain you’ll need to visit your Facebook business manager. You’ll navigate to business settings, then brand safety and domains. You’ll go ahead and add your domain into your business manager and install a small snippet of code into the head of your website.

If you are not able to add a new domain in your business manager it is possible that you’re not actually a business manager admin and you’ll need to get your access updated.

#2 Choose Web Events


To select your 8 web events you’ll need to remain in the Facebook business manager. You’ll then navigate to events manager, then aggregated events manager. You’ll then begin adding the 8 events you’d like to utillise one by one. Be sure to sort these in order of priority with your bottom-funnel conversion points at top priority.

If you are using any value-based optimisations such as ‘purchase’, these will account for 4 total slots of the 8 so keep in mind you’ll be able to optimise towards fewer events in total.

Read more from Facebook’s help topic here.

Let me know in the comments below, what custom web events you are choosing to use, which events got the axe and any questions you have as you’re making the updates.

I hope this helped you to feel a bit more confident about making the IOS changes in your Facebook Business Manager.

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