Google Grant Optimisation Guide


This excel document is for search marketers who want to save time guessing what optimisations to perform on their Google Grant account. The document includes 30+ optimisations, the frequency you should perform and a short description of each.

Use this document as a checklist of tasks to complete across your Google Grant account.

Once purchased you will be emailed this product so be sure to check your inbox.

No refunds of digital products.

Saving Not For Profit marketers the guesswork in Google Grant accounts.

You’ve probably downloaded tons of free guides & watched countless training trying to figure out if your Google Grant has been set up correctly, but you’re still not 100% on it. If you’re READY to feel confident that your Google Grant is set up correctly you’re in the right place. No more guessing get the audit now!

Take it from my clients!

"Nichole has a deep understanding of performance marketing and is incredible with both her colleagues and clients. Nichole has phenomenal skills in dealing with campaign strategy and auditing Google Grant accounts. Nichole demonstrates a very strong work ethic and always collaborates brilliantly to achieve a business desired outcome."

Head Of Search Engine Optimisation
Amye, San Diego, USA

"Before working with Nichole, our Google grant account seemed to evade many of my efforts to improve it. After speaking with Nichole, she made the process easy and understandable and MOST importantly the financial results spoke for themselves. The result for the organisation as a not for profit was invaluable."

Head Of Digital
Nicky, Queensland, AU

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