Top 5 Google Grant Rules

So you’ve been approved for a Google Adwords Grant, that’s right you’ve unlocked $10,000 advertising dollars to use like monopoly money, and you’re ready to build your campaigns. Here are 5 Google Grant rules you’ll need to follow in order to continue using your free advertising spend.

1. You can only advertise on Google’s Search Network.

This means you can only advertise using search advertisements for people that are searching for your keywords. So you can’t advertise across the display network (display advertisements), YouTube (video ads) or google search partners.

2. No more than $10,000 (USD) per month for advertising.

This means you can only utilise $329USD per day across your entire Google Grant account. If there is a massive influx during one day that exceeds $329 then you might want to supplement an ad grant account with a paid google ads account, especially on high volume days.

3. Minimum 5% click-through rate per month and weekly quality score of >=3.

This means that all keywords with a quality score of less than 3 need to be paused on a weekly basis (I like to set up a rule to pause these on Friday mornings), and all keywords with less than 5% click-through-rate need to be paused monthly (I like to do this the last day of the month). This is Google’s way of not allowing low-quality keywords to live in your account.

4. Valid conversion tracking set up and utilising conversion-based bid strategies.

Google Analytics goals should be set up and imported directly into your Google Ad Grant account as conversions. This allows you to track which keywords are driving customers to take desired actions on your website. You must also use conversion-based bid strategies per campaign to utilise the power of Google’s machine learning. These include maximise conversions, target CPA or target ROAS.

5. No single or overly generic keywords.

Single keywords “fundraising” and overly generic keywords “donate now” “charity” are both not allowed in your ad grant account. These keywords are too broad and don’t indicate the actual intent of the searcher. As we know long-tail keywords (3-4 words in one keyword) are the gold mine in search so stay away from one word to remain compliant and successful.

Bonus Tip: Account Structure

You must have at least 2 ads per each ad group in every campaign in your Google Grant account. You just also have 2 ad groups per each campaign, and 2 site links per campaign (or account level). Think everything in 2’s (A/B) for compliance purposes.

Not another bonus but important.

With a Google Ad Grant account, you must also complete a survey yearly. You should receive an account notification but if not the link is below. This survey is worth $10,000 in free advertising to don’t forget this step. Survey Link Here

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