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So you’re ready to do away with Facebook altogether? Perhaps you’ve shouted a few curse words? You can’t get a hold of support feeling helpless in the big world?  Not to worry, let’s look further into how to transfer page ownership in Facebook.

Take deep breath #1.

In this post, I will first differentiate the administrator roles in Facebook.  Secondly, I will Chat through a few scenarios that may have happened to you. Lastly, I will close with a solution to help you transfer page ownership on Facebook or rather re-claim ownership of your page.

Stay with me, this isn’t going to be a 5-minute solution, however, if you NEED to re-claim ownership on your page this is a solution.

Differentiating administrator roles

One of the most confusing aspects, when Business managers came into play, was the new hierarchy in the admin roles across Facebook. Differentiating these roles is crucial in minimising issues along the way.

The super administrator

The super administrator has claimed the Facebook page in the Facebook business manager. This means you’ve claimed ownership of the Facebook page you now have trumped all the page admins.  This also means that your business manager is now the ultimate admin of that page.

Regular administrator

If you are a regular administrator it means that you are an admin of the Facebook page but actions affecting the ownership are not possible. When the page was claimed by a business manager you were pushed to second in command.

There are 3 symptoms so to speak that may occur on the back end of your Facebook page which is a sure sign that another business manager has claimed page ownership of your Facebook page.

You don’t recognise the page owner

“Someone has claimed ownership of my Facebook page”

Someone has claimed ownership of my Facebook page

This first scenario often occurs when someone (or an inexperienced agency) accidentally ‘adds your page’ (i.e. claims your page) in their Facebook Business Manager, rather than ‘requesting access to your page’. Seems like such a small detail that inevitably leads us into this transfer page ownership process of your Facebook page I will describe below.

In short, ALWAYS ‘request access’ and NEVER ‘add a page‘, in less you, and only you own the page and will be advertising for this page. See the photo below for how you would add your page.

How To Add A New Page To  Facebook Business Manager

You aren’t able to connect your Instagram business

“Instagram connection failed not an administrator”

Instagram connection failed not administrator error message

This second scenario will send you in a massive circle of disconnecting and reconnecting Instagram to your Facebook page. Perhaps you even try the old switch back to a personal Instagram page (losing all your business data) and switching back to a professional Instagram account. All troubleshooting steps will find the same pesky connection failed message. Talk about a frustrating circle.

This could be happening to you, either on desktop (above) or on mobile (edit profile, click on your page, confirm connection). You hit the final ‘confirm connection’ button, however, the system will not respond or give you the circle load and then send you back to the connection page.

By now you’re starting to get the memo that you’re not ACTUALLY the page admin.

Don’t fall victim to this vicious scenario, deep breath #2, we will get through this.

You don’t receive page requests or business manager emails

“Not getting facebook business manager requests”

The third scenario will be a telltale sign that you’re not actually the super administrator in control of the page.

Your agency may request access to your page via FBM, or they may request to partner with your page, however, you do not get a notification in Facebook or even an email to accept this request to manage the page.

They might try to cancel the request and re-add the page various times however the request is floating out in space never to be accepted. In FBM you may see the old ‘pending request’ and you might notice the owned by section ID is not recognisable.

Troubleshooting not getting facebook business manager requests

The solution is below

At this stage you can try to rack your brain and contact the listed ‘Page Owner’, perhaps this is an old agency, past business partner, a millennial friend who set you up with a business manager way back.

If you CAN get in contact with your super administrator then it is quite simple to have them remove your page from their FBM with a few clicks. Once they’ve removed your page, ownership will go back to the Facebook page admins (which should be you/your client).

If it is NOT possible and let’s be honest, that’s probably why you’re here, then we’ll move through the steps below to transfer page ownership on Facebook.

Another DEEP breath. 

Step 1: Gather the necessary details & documents

When you want to transfer page ownership across Facebook you will need the following:

1. A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID of the individual signing the statement. You can find the different kinds of IDs Facebook accepts in the link below.

2. A signed statement from the business owner which includes all of the below items: a. A description of your relationship to the Page (including your authority to request a change in the person(s) who manage the Page, as applicable), also include that you would like this Page removed from the Business Manager that it is owned in; b. The name of the current person(s) who manage the Page, as applicable;

c. The relationship of the above person(s) to the Page; An explanation of your request, and whether there has been a termination of the employment and/or business relationship with the named person(s), as applicable; d. All documentation supporting your request (Business License or certificate of incorporation under the business Page’s name to prove requester’s authority over the business);

e. The Facebook account and email address associated with the Facebook account that you wish to have added as the new admin of the Page;

f. A declaration that the information you have provided is true and accurate (e.g. “I certify that the information provided is true and accurate”) – your statement must include similar language.

Step 2: Initiate Facebook chat & submit the above details.


For some reason the above link only works on mobile, I’ve not been able to access the chat on a desktop for some time. Once you’re on the page above on your mobile device you can scroll down and a blue ‘contact us’ bar should pop up. Once you click this you can either click chat or email. The chat function will pop out a message on Facebook Messenger. You can then explain to the representative that you’d like to submit your documents to transfer page ownership of your Facebook page.

The representative will ask you to submit your documents straight in the Messenger chat (so easy), and they will submit your request to their team internally.

Step 3: Await Approval

Time frames aren’t exact I’ve seen this done between 2 and 30 days. I always make sure to tell the representative to ‘escalate’ this request and they generally can.

Once your request has been approved you will then see the page owner will be updated and/or the page admins updated if you weren’t already there.

Get the exact template that my team has used to re-gain ownership of countless Facebook pages.

Are you shocked there isn’t more information about this topic? Have a question I can help you with?  Message in the comments and I’ll get back.

I know a lot of you have asked about not being able to initiate the Facebook chat and apologies for that.  If you’d like my teams’ help in submitting your documents please register your interest here. 

41 thoughts on “Transfer Page Ownership Facebook”

  1. Ambrose Ajala

    Dear Nichole,

    I can across your video on YouTube regarding how to recover your age back from fraudulent advertising agency, my Facebook page has been taken over by them and they are abusing my page by posting rubbish on it. I have tried all I can without success, could you help me out please? I have followed the video and download the link but don’t know where to go from there.


    1. Hey Ambrose,

      Thank you for reading my blog hope it’s provided some additional value 🙂 Bugger that there are people out there abusing Facebook pages!

      Once you’ve gathered the necessary documentation and you’ve created the letter for Facebook you’ll need to access Facebook chat and send the documentation to a representative. I’ve explained to Raz how I’ve access Facebook chat support today feel free to check out the specifics in my reply above.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi,

        We wrote our letter and have all the necessary documentation. Now there is no way to access the chat.

        Is there another link we can use?

  2. Hi! I’m currently facing the same problem. Was wondering if you could help?
    In step 2 , I clicked ‘contact us’ button but nothing appeared so I can’t proceed to chat with a FB representative. What do I do now?


    1. Hey There,

      Hope you’re doing well! I’ve heard this from quite a lot of others as well – I feel that Facebook is making it more and more difficult for international users to access the chat.

      Here’s my process used today to access chat support:

      Visit I can see a white bar at the bottom of my mobile that says ‘Get Support’
      Just click through to random options (I did ‘my ad account was disabled’)
      I then see a small white bar that pops up which says “still need help? contact support”
      I click the above bar and a ‘chat with a representative (along with the wait time) pops up.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Nichole. Very useful article! I have been struggling with this problem for days now and still have not figured it out. I am in contact with our previous agency who used to be owner of our company page. They deleted themselves few months ago without appointing anyone else for that role. Do you know what’s the procedure in that situation? Who takes the ownership next? Right now I see in the Page Roles that my company name is listed as owner but I have only option to “give feedback of the business”.

    Also, I don’t have access to live chat. How can I send my application to claim the ownership?

    Facebook really made this part very difficult..

    Best, Agata

    1. Hey Agata,

      Thank you for reaching out – so glad to hear you’ve found my article useful. I was so surprised myself, that there weren’t more resources for this when I was struggling through 🙂 If your company is listed as the page owner then someone MUST have the access internally. This article is really for those who do not know who the party listed as the ‘page owner’ is and the process to re-claim their page back. I can access the chat in Australia, but I reckon Facebook is making it harder for other to reach this. Wish I could be more help! Feel free to reach out if I can help with your paid ads in the future!

    1. Hey Raz,

      Hope you’re doing well! I’ve heard this from quite a lot of others as well – I feel that Facebook is making it more and more difficult for international users to access the chat.

      Here’s my process used today to access chat support:

      Visit I can see a white bar at the bottom of my mobile that says ‘Get Support’
      Just click through to random options (I did ‘my ad account was disabled’)
      I then see a small white bar that pops up which says “still need help? contact support”
      I click the above bar and a ‘chat with a representative (along with the wait time) pops up.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Good afternoon Nichole,

    Thank you for your solutions on what seems to be a recurring nearly impossible to solve problem.

    We are based in the Netherlands and are experiencing the same issue. We have been trying for weeks to find who could possibly be the page owner (we only have a facebook ID).

    We really want to try the second option – but we are having the same issues as the abovementioned. I am unable to see the facebook chat function in order to send the documents for page ownership transfer.

    Kind regards and thank you so much for posting this online!

    1. Hey Adrien,

      Thanks for reaching out – really great to see my article is helping users globally. Such a shame that you’ve spent countless hours already on such a simple fix, hey? Very sorry to hear you are also not able to access the chat 🙁

      I’ve turned on my VPN and I can access the chat. Here’s my path:

      2. Navigate to the middle of the page to “STILL NEED HELP? Find answers or contact support” – click on Get Started
      3. Select a random topic – and the ‘chat with a representative’ option appears at the bottom of the screen.

      Let me know if this works for you? I could likely submit the request for you on my end – if this is something you’d be interested in please let me know 🙂


  5. Hi Nichole,

    I’m so glad your shared this post and its the top most invaluable info that we have on internet on this topic. My client are struggling to get this sorted, and that has got my project in a big delay with them due to dependencies on their fb page ownership in business manager and fb business verification, that will then allow them to get whatsapp business api for the whatsapp chatbot solution which we are developing for their ecommerce business.

    So we got multi layered dependencies here, and thank fully your post will highly help us to resolve the issue and moving forward.

    1. Hey Vishesh,

      Thank you for your kind words, can’t believe you’ve taken your most valuable time to praise my efforts!! You’re truly a gem – hopefully you get sorted out in no time.

      Fell free to reach out in the future,


  6. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for your help. My wife’s business page and my business page’s ownership were both taken over by someone in Vietnam (although I don’t know if it is the same person). Anyway, I had one quick silly question, where it reads “Australia Business Number” I would assume that due to us being in the the USA we should put our Federal Tax ID # in that spot.

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      You’re correct ABN, of course, is Australian Business Number which is quite widely used to identify businesses in AU. I reckon you’d be alright using your Federal Tax ID # in this place – or really any registered business number which can be checked for validity (LLC, S-Corp numbers). Hope this helps! Cheers.

  7. Hi Nicole,
    How important is it, in your opinion, to provide the original business organization papers? This situation happened to my business AND it happened to my wife’s business. I can find my original articles of organization but she cannot. (She believes her lawyer may have a copy, but she started her company 20+ years ago). Aside from that, we can provide passports and drivers licenses. Thank you

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      Getting up to much for the holidays? In my experience, I didn’t provide any business paperwork so to speak. What we did is access public records (Australia ABN look-up) and submitted screenshots with these details. Can you pull any sort of public record file to submit along with the passport that clearly shows names matching? Anything you can provide which states the business name and your wife’s name on the same document should work. I would say – if it takes less than 15-20 mins go ahead and have the lawyer send over the documents. Reason being Facebook could deny the request if you don’t submit ENOUGH and hey you’re back at square one.

      Let me know if you guys need any additional help!

  8. Hi Nicole,
    So I have almost all of my documentation together. I would very much like to submit it to Facebook and be done with it. My current dilemma is that my wife and I started the business almost 9 years ago (we were not married at the time) and both of our names are on the Articles of Organization. Do you think Facebook will have an issue with there being two owners? Quite frankly, I would not care if She became the “owner” of the Facebook business page. Furthermore, her business Facebook page problem and my business Facebook problem seem to be intertwined. I believe the same Hacker assumed ownership of both pages (I was removed as an admin on both business pages almost simultaneously). In your experience with this problem and dealing with Facebook, how “understanding” were they? Thank you for your help

  9. Hi Nicole,

    You’re welcome, much appreciate that you cared responding to my comment. Today I’m getting into a call with my client and we’re going to follow your procedure, I’ll keep you posted if we’re successful in reclaiming the owner of the page eventually.

    I have a quick question though, please advise since I’m unclear on this since there are mixed and outdated info on the internet. Can an individual using their personal facebook login credentials can create and own more than 2 facebook business manager accounts, or is the maximum limit creating fb business manager accounts at 2 accounts per person?

  10. Hi Nicole,
    I have all of my documentation together now. Unfortunately, I cannot find any “Contact support” button anywhere. I have tried on my phone, ipad and desktop. It would seem that Facebook really doesn’t want to talk to me…😕.

  11. This post helped me… (below), I am still waiting to hear from someone as a result of all my info being submitted but on Facebook chat they said… –> “You’re welcome. I’m glad that I was able to help you in your concern. I will conclude this chat, To do a recap, we discussed about your Page that was owned by a Business Manager. I escalated it to our relevant team to do further investigation. You will get an email once we have an update.”

    — Instructions I Took —

    Visit I can see a white bar at the bottom of my mobile that says ‘Get Support’
    Just click through to random options (I did ‘my ad account was disabled’)
    I then see a small white bar that pops up which says “still need help? contact support”
    I click the above bar and a ‘chat with a representative (along with the wait time) pops up.

  12. Arturo García

    I really appreciate you putting this video in the internet. I am having the same problem has everyone else ( reclaim my Facebook page) I think Facebook has updated their website and the contact us option is not available anymore. I will highly appreciate it if you could help me.

    1. Hey Sanne,

      I can see the email sent out on the 14th to your email address. Possible to check in junk or spam to see if it’s landed there? I’ve also just re-sent it from my business email so hopefully, you do receive it shortly.

      — Update – I just got an email bounce-back that said your email address is invalid? I used sannerustenburg@h******.com, feel free to re-submit the form with a different email address that is valid.


      1. Hi Nichole,

        I submitted twice on the 14th. Once with the company address info@w…… and once with my personal email, which is the above and is correct. Both were not received, also not in spam. So I do not know where it goed wrong 🙁

        What else can we try?

  13. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for a great article!

    I found your article after going round and round in circles with facebook for days and several frustrating chats with facebook consultants lasting almost 2 hours each chat. I’m sorry to hear others have had the same issue, but its comforting to know I’m not alone in this nightmare.

    Facebook make it really hard to get in touch with them via chat, so much so that I have bookmarked my open case in my internet browser to avoid having to click through (what feels like) a billion screens to get an update.

    I have uploaded all the information and now the waiting games commences. I’m in Australia, and a lot of the documents that Facebook requires seem to be American, so hopefully there are no further speed bumps in the process.

    I just wanted to check in and say thanks. Thanks for sharing this topic and giving me hope there will be resolution at the end of this very long and extremely frustrating process.


    1. Hey Amelia,

      Thanks for your comment!

      So glad to hear you’ve sorted a process to get back to your case – seems so silly that it is this hard – hey? We’re seeing FB process these request very slow these days (3+ months) so hold tight and hopefully you’ll see your case progress in time.

      Let us know any help we can provide,


  14. I think this is among the most significant info for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The site style is wonderful, the
    articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  15. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for a great article & video.

    Maybe you could help with our situation – Our company’s (lets name it “CompanyX” for this example) Facebook Page was originally created through our Instagram Business Account a long while ago. (Both Facebook page and IG account are named CompanyX)
    Now, under Page Owner in the Page Roles is listed a user/business called CompanyX – but a business manager account for the company was never created by us.

    Our ad agency tried to request permisson to add the page to their business manager – but no one gets the request on our end.
    We tried logging in with every facebook account possible – but no one’s is connected to the business manager account.
    We also tried using the Add Page option (the one you recommend never to use) but it says “error occurred” when trying.

    Is it possible that because we created the page through IG we are in some kind of loop-hole that we don’t have a real page owner? Or are we missing something?

    Hope you will have some recommendations for us.

    1. Hey Eyal, Thanks for reaching. Honestly, we have no idea on your specific situation – as we’ve not encountered this before. You can go ahead and start verification with Facebook to re-claim ownership and see if that works – that is my best advice! Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance. Cheers.

  16. Hi, I already did everything and downloaded the template, I can’t get in touch with fb, for some reason the chat won’t pop up, nor do I find an email acount to sent the documents… PLEAS HELP!!!

  17. There is no way to contact facebook directly after their META rebrand and support center pages rearrange, right? I am unable to get into any kind of support mail or chat any hour during the day.
    Anyone was able to reclaim their business page from former employeee lately?

    1. Hey Tomas, Unfortunately not everyone is able to access Facebook support chat. I do not know of an email that you can use to access support (sorry)! We help clients with this all the time, just had a client regain ownership this week from a former employee. if you’d like my team’s help register here

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