What Is Google Grants?

With Google search ads you can utilise both keywords (not for profit, charity) and advertisements to drive potential searchers to your website. With Google search ads you could see upwards of 100 additional clicks per month.. perhaps JUST the reach you need to meet your goals for the quarter?

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants give registered charities up to $10k a month in advertising dollars to spend on Google search ads. Seriously, there is no catch, this is FREE ad money Google gives to registered charities. This is one of the main reasons why I specialise in Google Grants, because I truly feel it is my calling to get more charities onto the program. 

From this video you’ll be able to answer the question; what is google grants? I’ll chat through:

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. Rules & Restrictions
  3. Next Steps

Eligibility Requirements

Before you apply, please confirm that your non-profit is based in a country that supports Google Grants, and make sure that you comply with Google’s other Eligibility Requirements by clicking here.

Further, please see my eligibility video to walk you through checking if your organisation is eligible.

Check out my video blog where I chat through eligibility requirements

Rules & Restrictions

There are several restrictions placed on Google Ad Grant accounts to be sure all not for profits maintain quality advertisements that are valuable to the searcher.

Check out my video blog where I chat through the top 5 Google Grant guidelines here.

Next Steps

There are several If you’re a registered not for profit and you’re keen to get started with Google grants please click to contact me now.

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